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Elementary Education is a fundamental right of every child in our country. The Right To Education Act mandates the provision of 25 per cent free seats for children from the economically weaker section even in private unaided schools uniformly across the country.With cost of living going high and education getting expensive, a scholarship program acts as a blessing in disguise for parents and students.

Joining hands in the interest of children is what Redbricks believes in .We have a merit scholarship program for children from the weaker sections of society which benefits the student, parents and society as a whole. Financial aid is given to children in terms of tution fees, books, transport and school essentials.

The scholarship is granted based on the academic potential and financial need of the family. While there are a certain percentage of children who get full financial aid, we also grant financial aid of different percentages as per the background of the child.

What Parents Can Do To Avail Merit Scholarship

Submit a merit scholarship application form at the admissions office with required financial documents.
Management will conduct an assessment & decide the amount of scholarship depending on the child's academic potential and the family's need.
The amount of aid will be reviewed every year again by the management.

What Others Can Do

Recommend a child who can benefit from merit scholarship.
Fund the education of merit scholarship children at Redbricks by contributing funds to the school's merit scholarship fund. We will keep you updated about the progress of children for whom your funds are being used. Contact the admissions office for this purpose.

Advantages of the Merit Scholarship program

Benefits to Students: By removing financial barriers, scholarships make education and career goals easier to obtain for children for high potential. It also enriches the classroom and school environment by bringing more diversity in the backgrounds of students.

Benefits to Parents: Secure future for their children and less financial burden.

Benefits to Society: Upliftment of the society, making education accessible, bridging the gap between rich and poor.
Our Educational Initiatives
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