Affiliated with CISCE BOARD. Projected Affiliation with CIE Board


Curriculum Design

Redbricks school is founded as a Class 1 to Class 12 School with an aim to benchmark global standards in a manner relevant to India. Led by a team comprising of educationists, child development experts, teachers and professionals, our endeavor is to create the ideal foundation for a child's overall development.

At Redbricks School, learning is a journey that happens with a powerful integration of one of its kind curriculum, innovative pedagogy, and nurturing teachers trained to implement the Redbricks ideology. Over and above the development of academic concepts, a large part of Redbricks' focus lies in the inculcation of values, honing of life skills, building of confidence, cultivation of creative thinking and realizing the true potential of every child. We have undertaken extensive research to build the curriculum, in an effort to establish a contemporary school that integrates progressive philosophies of learning with traditional methods of teaching.

The curriculum for Class 1 to Class 8 is tailored by our team of educationists and teachers, preparing children to excel in any board examinations at the high school level. The school is projected to be affiliated with CISCE (Council for The Indian School Certificate Examinations) and CIE (University of Cambridge International Examinations) boards for Class 9 to Class 12.

Students will be given a choice at the end of Class 6 to opt for either CISCE or CIE boards. Class 7 and Class 8 curriculum is specifically tailored to prepare children for the assessment pattern of the respective boards.
Our Educational Initiatives
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