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Home-School Connect

As a school, we strive to develop a strong bond with the parents so that we can jointly work towards the development of each child. Home visits, monthly parent-teacher meetings, sharing curriculum-related information, parenting workshops, parent volunteers in school activities, etc., are some of the ways in which we work towards creating a strong bond between the school and the child's family.

Parents and the School are partners in the odyssey of children' s education. Our Program is based on the realization that children are individuals, developing at their own pace, having distinct needs and varying learning styles and abilities. They need to be given freedom to explore and discover things for themselves along with close guidance by both the teachers and the parents. We appreciate parents' cooperation and support in this endeavor helping us to practice what is best for our children.



Effective Communication

We encourage a transparent and an open dialogue for any kind of communication between the school and home.
We expect that parents have gone through all the guidelines & policy documents of the schools and totally understand the school's policies.
Parents and teachers connect regularly through the child's almanac. All circulars are also sent along with the almanac.
There are regular parent teacher meetings, workshops and seminars which both parents should try to attend to understand our school's philosophy, parenting strategies and the child's progress over a period of time.
The school welcomes constructive feedback with suggestions from the parents. The school similarly appreciates that the parents be open to feedback from school /teacher about their child's performance or any other concerns.
We hope that our parents encourage their children to express and articulate their thoughts and be active listeners. Avoid comparisons between siblings and peers as we know that each child is gifted with an individual capability.

Home Visits

To enhance the bond between the child's school and home, class teachers conduct a home visit once a year, to get to know and understand the child home environment and his/her family members. Parents can help the teachers to understand the following areas.
The family structure and the members present in the family
The home environment
Key activities for the child at home and his/her ways of engagement
  The child's favorite toys, books or other accessories
  Some of his/her childhood memories – Photographs, articles etc, can be shared with the teacher


Redbricks school invites expert faculties and community helpers belonging to a wide range of professions to be an integral part of the student's learning experiences. The visiting experts contribute by sharing their knowledge and skills from the field they belong to. Through such interactions, students gain important insights about the real world and different professions. As a part of this initiative, we also invite parents to contribute as visiting experts in relation to their field of expertise or hobbies.

Parent Volunteers

Events and celebrations are a part of our regular school program. We celebrate various days, festivals, cultural events and even field trips and excursions throughout the year. We request parents' participation as volunteers from time to time for such occasions. Apart from this, parent volunteers are regularly invited to classrooms to support the teaching-learning activities.
Our Educational Initiatives
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