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Formative and Summative Assessment

There are largely two kinds of assessment methods- Formative and Summative. Formative assessment methods are where the understanding and skills of children are assessed on a continuous basis through multiple methods. Summative assessment methods are where the knowledge of children is assessed through periodic tests and examinations. At Redbricks, we have a combination of formative and summative assessment methods in order to get a holistic picture of the children. Both are important tools to assess children's development, as it is not only knowledge (can be rote-memorized), but also its application and understanding that we want to assess.
Formative Assessment Methods at Redbricks School-
1.  Teacher Observations of Student's Class Performance

2.  Student Self- assessment

3.  Performance Tasks, Practical Assignments & Presentations

4.  Student Worksheets, Textbook, Notebook, all class & home work

5.  Student Portfolios
Summative Assessment Methods at Redbricks School-
Class 3 onwards
1.  Monthly Tests for Core Subjects (Oral and Written)

Class 5 onwards
2.  Internal Examinations- twice a year
Report Cards are shared with Parents twice a year to share the assessment results through formative and summative assessment.
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