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Professional Development

Teachers as Learners & Professionals

Teachers at Redbricks are engaged in continuous planning, training and professional development activities. We hire teachers for their attitude and potential, and then for qualification
Rigorous Curriculum and Lesson Planning - Teachers spend a large amount of their time developing the curriculum, lesson plans and teaching learning materials for their classes. When teachers are trained & empowered to plan their lessons, they become more confident and clear about their teaching strategies. Detailed thinking at individual and collaborative level is done by the teachers to ensure that the best quality teaching-learning experiences are given to children.
Self-development - Teachers at Redbricks engage in continuous self-development activities through books readings & discussions, article reviews, study group research and discussions, etc. on important topics related to education and teaching.
Learning from Experts - Continuous in-service trainings are conducted by in-house & external experts across the year for continuous improvement and skill development of teachers. Practices such as fortnightly academic review meetings with the academic director, pre-implementation meetings amongst the teachers, etc., are followed to create a professional teaching-learning community.

REDBRICKS TRAINING PROGRAMs for educators and parents

Redbricks Education Foundation has designed holistic and experiential Adult Training Programs with a primary focus on developing exceptional educators. These programs can be attended as pre-service or in-service programs by aspiring or current educators.

These programs are also attended by parents who wish to learn best practices in child care and education. Learn more...
Our Educational Initiatives
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