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Extra-curricular Program

Talent Development Program

Individuals use different, unique blends of intelligences to solve problems and
fashion products (Susan Baum).

The purpose of school should be to develop intelligences and to help people reach vocational and avocational goals appropriate to their particular spectrum of intelligences. People who are helped to do so, I believe, feel more engaged and competent and therefore more inclined to serve society in a constructive way
(Howard Gardner).
Each child has unique talents, interests and intelligence. Dr. Howard Gardner has presented 8 different intelligences that each one of us has in varying degrees. This means that all children have a deep potential and natural talent in certain areas. They require the right environment, nurture and exposure to explore and enhance their talents in order to develop further within these areas.
Program Objectives
•  To enable children to explore and enhance each of their multiple intelligences.

•  To recognize & develop children's strengths, interests and talents.
The Talent Development Program at Redbricks School
We have developed the talent development program in the school to identify and nurture students' talents. The program goes beyond age or grade-level expectations by providing challenges as per the learner's interest and readiness.

"Talent development refers to the journey from novice to expert, on which an individual travels in his/her area of talent" (Susan Baum).

Primary Years (Class 1 to Class 4)

Interest Centers - In the Primary Years, children have interest center modules in which they explore & enhance each intelligence through real-life projects falling under each intelligence. For example- Under Bodily Kinesthetic Interest Center, children conducted a project on finding out ways of healthy living and wellness.

They also have certain sessions where learning centers are created for each intelligence, and children are free to choose any learning center to engage in the materials placed there. The first step of talent development is talent identification. Through the Interest centers program, it is possible to observe and identify students' strengths and intelligence profiles across the various intelligences.

Middle School Years (Class 5 to Class 8)


Enrichment Clusters – In the Middle School Years, we offer Enrichment Clusters under which children get the benefit of a learning opportunity where knowledge and skills are applied to explore an area of their interest, or work on the solution to a real problem or issue.

Students with common interests form groups across different grade levels, with teachers as facilitators. They get to step into the shoes of real-life practicing professionals from the domain they are exploring. Different experts are also invited to the school to facilitate the clusters over a period of an entire semester and help children learn specific skills related to that area.


High School Years (Class 9 to Class 12)


Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) –

The aim of the SUPW Program is to build students' talents and their spirit for community service. The program has two major components: Craft Apprenticeships and Community Service. Students pursue year-long projects in each of these areas based on their individual interests. Craft Apprenticeship projects help students to gain an experience with a professional in any field of their choice with an intended product/outcome. Community Service projects are done in small student teams where they ideate and implement a community service initiative in the society. These projects help students build more clarity around their career choices, and also foster life skills such as learning and innovation skills, thinking skills, collaboration skills, planning and organizing skills, and much more.

Students also enrol for the 'The International Award for Young People' – India (IAYP) during this time period. It is an international award platform for young people between the ages of 14 and 25. Focusing on individual achievement without competition, IAYP aims to encourage young people to achieve their full growth potential, and to improve moral, social and intellectual well-being. Through their SUPW projects, and some additional activities such as Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey, students become eligible to receive these awards. Receiving these awards would also help students to showcase their holistic approach to life while applying for higher education.

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